3 Dangers of Texting and Driving

3 Dangers of Texting and Driving Long Island Lawyer Free Consultation

Texting and driving are among the most dangerous behaviors someone can engage in while operating a vehicle. Cell phones have been tied to a great deal of catastrophic and fatal accidents.

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3 Dangers Texting and Driving Poses

Drivers who choose to text and drive put themselves and others in danger. According to the CDC, there are three categories of distracted driving.

  1. Visual distractions
  2. Manual distractions
  3. Cognitive distractions

Visual Distractions

When someone texts while driving, they take their eyes off the road. Many people believe they can still see the road when typing a text down. However, drivers require a complete visual of the road to operate a vehicle safely.

All it takes is a moment of a driver being visually distracted to cause an accident.

Even voice-to-text can be a distraction if you are looking down at your phone to hit the button to start recording your voice or to check mistakes in the text.

Manual Distractions

If a driver removes their hands from the wheel, this is a manual disruption to safely operating a vehicle.

This could be to send a text but can include a longer list of actions, including turning up the dial on the radio, adding a sugar packet to your coffee, or adjusting your mirrors (which should be done before starting the vehicle).

Both hands must be on the wheel to operate the vehicle safely. Many crashes happen simply because someone’s hands were preoccupied with a task aside from driving.

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Cognitive Distractions

The definition of a cognitive distraction is anything that takes your mind off of driving. Something as simple as daydreaming can leave you without the cognitive function you need to drive safely.

Texting and driving is the triad of distracted driving. Your eyes are off the road, your hand or hands are busy typing, and your mind is no longer focused on driving.

If a driver is not thinking about the road, they cannot safely navigate it. Cognitive distractions account for many auto accidents ranging from minor to catastrophic.

Evidence of Texting and Driving Causing Accidents

Did you know that 12% of all crashes involved the use of a cell phone? The risk of causing a collision increases by 400% if the driver is texting and driving. Distracted driving affects more than other motorists, and 20% of fatalities involve a distracted motorist and a pedestrian or cyclist.

Get Compensation for Your Damages

You are entitled to two types of damages when you are injured by someone who is texting and driving. That driver’s insurance company is financially responsible for your compensation.

You can receive compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages include all of the ways you have been financially affected. That includes medical bills, lost wages, lost benefits, and more. You are entitled to past and future damages.

Non-economic damages account for emotional distress, loss of consortium, reduced quality of life, etc. These are harder to put a number to but are just as important as economic losses.

Your Free Consultation with Attorney Michaelangelo Matera

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