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Poor lighting can lead to dangerous accidents

If you are in a bar, restaurant or movie theater, the lighting may be dimmed in order to create a nice ambiance. This can help guests on the premises to feel relaxed and ready to have a great time. Lighting has a profound effect on the way that we behave and can help us in many ways.

Mood lighting can create a relaxed vibe, while bright lighting in hospitals can aid doctors and nurses in their professions. Lighting is also necessary for certain situations to be safe and it is possible for injuries to occur if the lighting is not suitable.

One of the most common places for injuries to occur due to poor lighting is on stairwells. Very often in movie theaters, for example, guests decide to leave the auditorium to visit the bathroom or refill their popcorn. Naturally, the auditorium is very dark. However, in order for the stairwell to be safe, it should have safety lights or luminous strips running down the side.

If these forms of safety lighting are not present and a guest slips and falls down the stairwell, they are likely to get injured. If they do suffer injuries, they may be able to take legal action against the movie theater for the negligence they exhibited by not having in place adequate lighting.

Unfortunately, many people suffer injuries like this on public premises. These injuries could have been avoided if adequate lighting had been installed. When a person becomes injured because of poor lighting, they may have to pay for medical services and lost wages as a result of taking unpaid medical leave from work. This is why many victims of such incidents decide to take legal action against the owner of the premises so that they can get compensation for the funds that they lost, and for the pain and suffering that they endured.

If you become injured on a public premises where there was poor lighting, you may want to consider the legal options you have. Premises liability law protects guests on premises where there were dangerous conditions or negligent management.

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