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Experienced White-Collar Crime Defense

White-collar crimes do not involve acts of violence, but federal and state law enforcement agencies and prosecutors dedicate resources each year to arrest and prosecute white-collar criminals. If you are under investigation by government agencies, you should have an experienced criminal defense attorney advising you at every step of the way.

An Effective And Proactive Defense Against White-Collar Crime Charges

The Federal Bureau of Investigation characterizes white-collar criminal activity as stealing through the use of lying and cheating. Prosecutors treat white-collar crimes as serious criminal activities that can destroy businesses, cause irreparable harm to innocent investors and frequently prey on the elderly. Activities that could lead to authorities pursuing criminal charges against a person might include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Public corruption
  • Internet fraud
  • Mortgage fraud

Consequences of A White-Collar Crime Conviction

It is common for prosecutors to ask judges to impose harsh penalties, including imprisonment, huge restitution payments and severe fines, on individuals convicted of white-collar crimes. Perhaps the most damaging consequence of a white-collar crime conviction is the long-term effect it can have on an offender’s personal and professional life.

Because white-collar crimes are usually committed by people in professional positions or by persons in a position of trust, a conviction can permanently damage the offender’s personal and professional credibility and reputation. A conviction could result in the loss of the individual’s ability to secure future employment.

Judges usually order a person convicted of committing a white-collar offense to pay restitution. Depending upon the amount of money that was taken, a restitution order could commit an offender to a lifetime of making payments.

We Understand How Judges View These Cases

Many individuals accused of white-collar crime are ordinary people struggling financially in their personal or professional lives who use unlawful means to resolve their problems. An experienced criminal defense attorney might use the circumstances leading to the criminal activity as part of a defense strategy. Judges have discretion when imposing sentences, so a knowledgeable defense attorney might successfully argue for a lighter sentence.

Contact A White-Collar Crime Attorney on Long Island

An allegation of criminal wrongdoing can cause irreparable harm to your professional and personal reputation. The white-collar criminal attorneys at The Matera Law Firm will review the facts of your case with you and discuss how they can help protect you. Call today for a free consultation at 516-741-6700 or contact us online.