Case Results

At The Matera Law Firm, our top priority is our clients. We understand that although we may have many cases and clients, to you, your case is the only thing that matters and we approach each case with that in mind and do everything possible to achieve a positive outcome for your case. Here are some of the countless positive results that we have achieved on behalf of our clients:

Personal Injury Case Results

  • $1,500,000 – In one of the most highly publicized cases in not only New York but also national history, our firm obtained a settlement just before trial for the Estate of an individual who was murdered by members of the New York City Police Department who were moonlighting as members of organized crime. The murder occurred in 1990 and despite the fact that we did not learn who had killed the client until fifteen years later, we were still able to piece the case together and obtain a favorable settlement.
  • $1,400,000 – verdict for a laborer who fell when a scaffold collapsed while he was attaching siding to a home resulting in an injury to his back.
  • $1,200,000 – settlement for a client in Suffolk County who was injured when the ladder he was on fell out from under him while he was making a repair at his client’s factory resulting in a fractured heel which required several surgeries.
  • $700,000 – for a client in Queens County who was a patron in a restaurant and was thrown out by a security officer in what turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. The client sustained a broken leg which required surgery to repair.
  • $450,000 – settlement for a 52 year old client who was injured when another driver attempted to make a left turn in front of her in Nassau County. Our client sustained injuries to her back which required surgery to repair.
  • $250,000 – for a retired school teacher who was a passenger in a car when it was struck by another vehicle in Nassau County resulting in several fractures and a collapsed lung. The $250,000 was the total coverage available and resulted in the court opining in essence that based upon the evidence our firm presented, the award would have been even higher if there was more coverage available.
  • $250,000 – for a 19 year old college student who was hit by a car after exiting his vehicle and walking towards school sustaining a leg fracture.
  • $250,000 – award for a young girl who was the unfortunate victim of a car accident in which she was a passenger. The driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed resulting in a comminuted fracture which required surgery.
  • $150,000 – award for a lovely retiree who fell while working as a temp at an office in Suffolk County on a defective sidewalk breaking her wrist. The defendant had filed several motions to dismiss with the court claiming that our client was an employee and that only worker’s compensation was available but we convinced the court, making the necessary showings, that she could not be considered an employee and fell under an exception to the rule.
  • $100,000 – for a client who injured her back in a car accident. The client, a nurse, was out of work for several months as a result. The case was settled without having to file suit in court.
  • $85,000 – for a woman who fell in a store on loose floor matts injuring her knee. The injury had her sidelined for a few weeks and we are happy to see her back on her feet once again.
  • $75,000 – for a man who was riding a motorcycle when he was cut off by another driver which resulted in a fractured wrist.
  • $75,000 – for a woman who sustained an injury while sitting on her stoop when she was struck by a firecracker lit by a neighbor resulting in a burn to her back.
  • $75,000 – for a retiree who was in his vehicle when he was struck by another car resulting in arthroscopic knee surgery

This is just a small sample of the results that we have obtained for our clients. Please feel free to call us today to discuss how we can help you with your claim.

Criminal Defense Case Results

  • OUTRIGHT DISMISSAL – Our Firm obtained a dismissal of all charges pending against a young mother of three in Nassau County. The client had been charged with possession of pills that she insisted belonged to her children and which were prescribed for them. In getting the case dismissed on the first appearance, we were able to show that the officers conducted an improper search and that the pills were actually prescribed leading to a request for an investigation into the actions of the arresting officers.
  • FEDERAL MATTER – Our Firm successfully represented a client in Federal Court who was charged with several criminal offenses. We ultimately reached a plea deal that carried with it a sentence range of 10-16 months however we were able to convince the Judge to sentence her outside of the guidelines to a period of probation despite the Government’s insistence that she should serve time.
  • ANOTHER ACQUITTAL – The Firm obtained yet another acquittal on all charges for a client charged with forcible touching and sexual abuse of an employee. Mr. Matera quickly showed on cross-examination of the supposed victim that she reported her allegations two months after the incident supposedly happened and only after she was fired for stealing. After the first day of grueling cross-examination the witness refused to return and had to be subpoenaed by the District Attorney’s Office. When she finally did return, Mr. Matera focused his attack on the theft which caused her to plead the Fifth and refuse to answer any more questions on the topic. The acquittal will allow our client to try to get back to his life and finally be able to put this horrible ordeal behind him.
  • SUPPRESSION OF BREATH TEST RESULTS – Our firm obtained a decision from the court in Suffolk county suppressing all statements and blood results in connection with a client who was charged with driving while intoxicated. We showed, without the need for even a hearing, that the officers violated protocol and the client’s right to counsel.
  • GRAND JURY DISMISSAL – Many attorneys never let a client testify in the grand jury as a rule. We take a different approach and view each case individually to determine when a client should testify. We just got a grand jury in Nassau County to dismiss all charged against a client with a criminal history for a drug sale supposedly observed by officers who arrested him on the scene seconds later. The client testified that there was no sale and that the officers didn’t find any drugs on the supposed buyer until two hours later at the precinct. The client is now able to get on with his life and put this behind him.
  • CIGARETTE TAX FRAUD CASE – Our Firm just wrapped up a very large scale and highly publicized cigarette sales tax fraud case in Bronx County. It was alleged that our client along with approximately 20 other persons were involved in a scheme to bring cigarettes from other states into New York for sale at local bodegas to avoid the higher sales tax rate that New York charges with over ten thousand recordings of conversations with the defendants via wire taps. The client faced a 24 count indictment containing multiple felonies including fraud and money laundering as well as civil penalties in excess of $350,000. However after countless negotiations, we were able to resolve the case with a misdemeanor plea and a $1,000 penalty.
  • GRAND JURY DISMISSAL – Most attorneys will advise their clients not to testify before the Grand Jury. While that is usually the correct advice, we look at each case differently and have achieved excellent results deciding which cases warrant testimony by the accused. We recently got a dismissal of robbery charges pending against our client who was alleged to have been acting with two others to assault and rob the supposed victim. The client was well prepared and testified brilliantly resulting in the Grand Jurors dismissing all of the charges against him.
  • ACQUITTAL – our Firm conducted a trial of a client who was charged with an assault and other related charges. We successfully showed that the client was not responsible for any of his actions due to a neurological issue that he has suffered from for the last ten years. The trial lasted four days and at one point saw the DA’s Office refuse to call their own arresting officer who we had reached out to and learned that he would actually help in our defense. Congratulations to our client.
  • PRECLUSION OF REFUSAL EVIDENCE – our Firm won a refusal hearing in Nassau County resulting in the suppression of all evidence of the Defendant’s refusal to take the breath test. Our contention was that our client spoke Spanish as his predominant language and that he could not understand the Trooper’s instructions on how to blow and that they made no effort to get someone to translate for him.
  • OUTRIGHT DISMISSAL – Our firm obtained a complete dismissal of all felony charges against a client in Nassau County charged with making a terroristic bomb threat to a hospital. We proved in a short amount of time that our client did not call in the threat and was wrongfully accused and arrested.
  • ACQUITTAL – an acquittal for a woman who was wrongfully accused of assaulting a minor who was involved in an altercation with one of her family members. The trial lasted five days with seven witnesses testifying. The acquittal will enable our client to continue on with her life without the stigma of criminal conviction on her record.
  • DEFENDING THE “EMPTY CHAIR” – we recently concluded a trial of an individual charged with numerous serious felonies. A co-defendant had previously been tried and convicted of the same charges. After numerous days of trial, the court adjourned the matter for closing arguments. Unfortunately, the morning of closing arguments our client failed to appear in court having been re-arrested by federal authorities for very serious charges that immediately hit the newspapers. The judge decided to commence closing arguments without our client and we were left with no choice but to proceed with an empty chair where our client was supposed to be. The jury obviously knew something was wrong but nevertheless we were able to convince them that our client was not guilty and they instead opted to only find him guilty of a much less severe charge.
  • ACQUITTAL – an acquittal for a gas station owner in Queens County who caught his employee stealing money from the register. The employee, sensing her impending arrest, fabricated a story that our client had fondled her and exposed himself. After several days of testimony, the jury came back with its not guilty verdict in less than fifteen minutes.
  • DWI CHARGE NOT HOPELESS – a reduced plea to a traffic infraction for an individual who was charged with Driving While Intoxicated in Nassau County. After several days of hearings, we convinced the District Attorney’s Office that our client was not guilty of the charge. They dismissed the charges and he was instead allowed to enter a plea to not wearing a seatbelt.

This is just a small sample of the results that we have obtained for our clients. If you or a loved one are under investigation for or charged with a crime, please feel free to call us today to discuss how we can help.