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In Suffolk County, people experience injuries due to the negligence of others every day. It only makes sense to consult some of the best personal injury lawyers in New York. Negligence stems from a failure to use reasonable care that results in injury to another party.

Examples of negligence are on view all around you: Drunk drivers, biting dogs, unsafe workplaces—all manner of perils exist in today’s world, unfortunately. If an accident has left you seriously injured, turn to the Matera Law Firm for a free consultation with experienced personal injury lawyers with a proven track record of success.

What Are Some Common Causes of Personal Injuries?

Personal injuries occur in a wide variety of contexts. No matter what the circumstances of your injury or accident may be, when you face an injury, it is important to contact a skilled legal professional. Some of the most common circumstances that result in personal injuries include:

Personal injuries are unfortunately very common. According to data from the National Highway Safety Administration, there were over 110 fatal car crashes in Suffolk County alone in 2019. Personal Injury Attorney in Long Island, NY The Matera Law Firm No one plans to suffer from an injury. When you have been hurt because of someone else’s negligence, it is important to consult an attorney. If you have sustained an injury, you may be owed financial compensation. Read our case results to learn about the ways in which the Matera Law Firm has secured positive outcomes for our clients.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys: The Difference-Makers

Suffering a serious injury can make life extraordinarily difficult. You may worry about medical bills and lost wages while you are trying to recover from your injuries. You deserve representation from personal injury attorneys who understand what you are going through. At Matera Law Firm, our compassionate attorneys will fight hard to deliver positive results in your personal injury case. The premier legal team at Matera Law Firm can help in the following types of injury cases:

We work hard to help people who have suffered from all types of serious injuries. These include brain injuries, whiplash, and other soft tissue injuries. The Matera Law firm also offers compassionate support to those who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Long Island, NY

No attorneys in Long Island will work harder than the Matera Law Firm to recover compensation for your injury. Consider the following case, which attracted significant national attention. The Matera Law Firm obtained a settlement for the estate of an individual who was murdered by members of the New York City Police Department. The officers had been working as organized crime members when they committed the murder.

Extraordinary injustices demand extraordinary representation. Extraordinary injuries require the premier personal injury attorneys in Long Island, NY: The Matera Law Firm. At The Matera Law Firm, our reputation is backed by decades of trial experience. Some members of our team have formerly worked as prosecutors. We know how to create positive results at trial. With our tenacity and passion for justice, we have secured millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

How Much is Your Case Worth?

Personal injury victims often find themselves burdened with expenses. They can face debt from medical bills and lost wages from missed work. A sudden loss of income can make any family struggle to make ends meet. You should not bear the financial burden from an injury that another party caused. The Matera Law Firm can help. If you have been hurt, our personal injury attorneys can help you to recoup the financial burden created by someone else’s wrongful conduct. No law firm works harder than we do to secure justice for personal injury victims.

Negligence is a type of wrongful conduct. The damages caused by negligent actions can take many forms. Our accomplished team will fight for you. We will build a powerful legal case to address the at-fault party’s negligence and secure financial recovery. We typically seek to recover lost wages, but we may be able to remedy non-economic damages, as well. This includes pain and suffering.

Lost Wages

There are many different types of damage caused by negligence. Lost wages are a category of damage caused when accident victims must miss work due to their injury. Victims may be prevented from working as many hours as they did prior to the accident. Alternatively, they may find themselves hampered by the injury, leading to under-employment. Some accident victims are unable to work at all. There are many ways in which a personal injury can affect a victim’s job performance.

Not all of them can be addressed by workman’s compensation claims. When people think of lost wages, they typically only consider the money lost at the time of their personal injury claim. But an important element of lost wages is future earnings. This includes compensation that a victim would be prohibited from earning in the future, as a result of the accident. Victims should be compensated for the loss of future earning potential from their injuries.

Medical Bills

It costs money to treat injuries that are caused by the negligence of others. Even when your damages are partially covered by insurance, you may face significant expenses. These can include:

  • Deductibles
  • Copays
  • Prescriptions
  • Doctor’s visits
  • And more

It is also worth noting that insurance companies rarely pay victims more than they have to. At The Matera Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys will seek reimbursement for medical expenses that have already happened. In addition, we will pursue compensation for expected future medical care.

Pain and Suffering

Our team of qualified attorneys has plenty of experience securing recovery for victims’ pain and suffering. In a case of mistaken identity, a restaurant customer was forcibly removed by security personnel. The victim suffered a broken leg that required surgery. He was awarded $700,000 because of our representation. In another case, a driver was hurt in a car accident. The at-fault party made a left turn in front of her, causing an injury. It required back surgery to repair. The victim was awarded $450,000.

There was a case in which a 19-year-old college student was hit by a passing car as he got out of his parked vehicle. He was awarded $150,000. These are only a few of the results we have obtained for our clients. Not all of the costs from an injury come with a price tag. Damages from personal injuries are not always easily quantified. It is important to speak with experienced personal injury attorneys to accurately calculate the value of the pain and suffering from your accident. Evaluating monetary compensation for pain and suffering is something that the Matera Law Firm is eminently qualified to handle on your behalf.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Personal Injury Attorney in Long Island, NY The Matera Law Firm - Traumatic Brain InjuriesThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines a traumatic head injury (TBI) as a “disruption in the normal function of the brain that can be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or penetrating head injury.” According to the latest data available, over half of TBI-related hospital visits annually are due to falling accidents and traffic collisions.

Unfortunately, TBI is a very common injury. A TBI can change a person’s behavior and even personality. In some cases, the changes are subtle, which makes TBI hard to diagnose. Helping the person can be an overwhelming challenge in these cases. Not all brain traumas cause severe symptoms, such as a coma, profound confusion, or speech difficulties. Some symptoms can be mild, including confusion or agitation. Minor cognitive lapses, such as forgetfulness, might also occur.

Who is Liable for Damages?

Liability is the responsibility (or fault) for damages in an injury case. The Matera Law Firm’s personal injury attorneys file claims involving car accident and motorcycle accident liabilities. We file claims for defective products and slip and fall injury liabilities. We cover many other categories of liability, including medical malpractice. Determining blame in a Long Island, NY, personal injury case is essential for recovering damages in excess of your insurance company’s payout. Sometimes, it seems obvious who caused the damages from an accidental injury; sometimes, however, it is not.

To help you obtain maximum compensation for your injury, it may be necessary to conduct investigations into your accident. Let us help you to build a strong case with firm and convincing evidence. Do not face personal injuries without a lawyer you can trust. Turn to the Matera Law Firm. Call now to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers or contact us online.

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