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How to drive safely in the rain this spring

As one of our New York readers, you are probably enthusiastically awaiting the spring weather to arrive. Unfortunately, as warmer temperatures move into the area it's common for the rain to begin to fall.

If you find yourself on the road during a rainstorm, it's imperative that you adjust your approach to improve your safety. Neglecting to do so can increase the likelihood of an accident, and that's not a situation you want to find yourself in.

Bitten by a dog? Take action now

Dog owners love a good cuddle with their best buddies after a stressful day. But researchers conducted a study that showed dogs are able to sense when people are anxious, which makes them more susceptible to biting.

Scientists across the pond in the United Kingdom published their findings in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. They reviewed data from 694 individuals in a total of 385 households. Included in the study were demographics, the dogs' ownership, bite history, personality types and overall health.

Cold winter weather brings increased risk of a slip-and-fall

Contrary to what you've seen in comedies or on sitcom television shows and cartoons, slipping and falling can be quite a serious issue. Although some people may walk away with nothing more than a bruised bottom, other people are not so lucky. In some cases, in fact, the injuries associated with a slip-and-fall incident can prove permanently debilitating or even fatal.

Winter weather conditions increase the potential risk for a slip-and-fall, although this kind of accident can happen any time of the year. Snow and ice can make sidewalks and parking lots incredibly dangerous. Snow melt can also result in wet surfaces inside businesses. Unless employees are diligent about keeping floors dry and safe, anyone who visits in the winter could end up getting seriously hurt.

Don't let the winter blues impact your driving

The winter months are hard on many people because of the cold and the darkness. Many people don't stop to think about how much they enjoy the warmer months and the sunshine that comes with them. The fact is that the human body needs vitamin D, which is received from the sunlight, to thrive. When the winter months hit and people are indoors and go days without actual sunshine, there is a chance that the winter blues might set in.

When you drive, you need to be fully alert and ready to react to anything that comes up. This isn't possible if you are too drowsy. Drivers who are fatigued or drowsy pose a risk on the roads in New York and around the country.

Suffered a head injury? Here are some possible side effects

Brain injuries are devastating to individuals because of their lasting impact. Even if the injury takes only a few weeks to heal, it could mean that the individual falls behind on bills, misses important events or has other issues in his or her life. Medical bills pile up, and there is always the possibility of a second head injury causing even more harm because of previous injuries.

A traumatic brain injury can do various things to a person, depending on the part of the brain that was injured. For instance, the cerebellum controls balance, muscle movements and posture, while the brainstem controls automatic functions like a person's sleep and wake cycles or sneezing.

There are many causes of serious construction accidents

Any type of construction accident is serious, as it can cause an injury that alters a person's life forever.

As a construction worker, it's critical that you understand the common causes of accidents on the job site. This will go a long way in helping you avoid trouble.

Avoid a distracted driver before it's too late

For some reason, many people decide that the perfect time to make a phone call, send an email, or check a text message is while they are driving. Unfortunately, distracted driving is not limited to using a phone while behind the wheel. You have seen the others, reading a book, trying to fix the thermostat, driving with their elbows while they eat a burger, and even those engaging in personal grooming that they should have done in the bathroom at home.

Distracted drivers are everywhere and sometimes, it is easy to identify them. Before your next commute through Melville, take the time to learn some tips to help you spot a distracted driver.

Car accidents can result in major medical expenses

Every time you get behind the wheel of a car, you are taking a real risk. The potential always exists for a collision or accident. Sometimes, a component in a vehicle fails, resulting a person losing control of the vehicle. Other times, a driver could be intoxicated or distracted, leading to poor decisions and a crash. No matter how safely you drive, other people on the road can still cause an accident that leaves you seriously injured and with a non-working vehicle.

In a best case scenario, you may suffer only mild injuries, like scrapes or bruising. Many times, however, people involved with car crashes can receive much more serious injuries.

Defending yourself against domestic violence charges

Any time that a person receives domestic violence charges, it is a very serious matter. These types of charges not only carry the possibility of legal consequences, but can also greatly harm your standing in your community, and in some cases, can even affect your professional life.

While domestic violence is certainly a significant problem in every part of the country, that does not mean that all domestic violence charges are just. In many cases, the charges are truly unfair, or simply untrue.

Understand alcohol’s affects to avoid DWI charges

You’ve finished a long week at work and head to happy hour with a few friends before driving home. You’ve had a few drinks, but you are still okay to drive a few miles…right?

It can be more difficult than you think to determine whether or not you can get behind the wheel after drinking. When can you drive, and when should you start looking for a Taxi?

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