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Know your rights if you slip and fall near a business

Anywhere you go in New York, you're going to find sidewalks and walkways leading into businesses. For the most part, people take care of these walkways and make sure that they are safe for people who are walking by and using them.

Unfortunately, not all business owners are as considerate as others. It is the law that business owners and homeowners have to keep their properties safe. In some localities, it is also the homeowner or business owner who has to keep walkways safe and clear.

More people than you think choose to drive distracted

With the rise of mobile telephone culture came a marked increase in public awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. However, distracted driving existed long before mobile phones were a part of everyday life. People would find themselves distracted at the wheel due to discussions with family members, a desire to change the radio station or even personal grooming.

Any form of distraction is dangerous, but mobile technology is particularly insidious. People in some situations may become addicted to or dependent upon their phones. Some people may worry about the loss of a relationship or even a job if they don't immediately respond to emails and text messages.

Winter weather is particularly dangerous for construction workers

New York is known for its grit and fast-paced business community. While the blustery winters common in New England might inspire some to stay inside, construction workers often find themselves at work during even the worst weather conditions.

Construction companies and the people hoping to inhabit new buildings or remodeled existing structures do not have the patience to wait for spring to resume work on the buildings.

Poor lighting can lead to dangerous accidents

If you are in a bar, restaurant or movie theater, the lighting may be dimmed in order to create a nice ambiance. This can help guests on the premises to feel relaxed and ready to have a great time. Lighting has a profound effect on the way that we behave and can help us in many ways.

Mood lighting can create a relaxed vibe, while bright lighting in hospitals can aid doctors and nurses in their professions. Lighting is also necessary for certain situations to be safe and it is possible for injuries to occur if the lighting is not suitable.

Injury rate for pedestrian-cyclist crashes drops

When a bicyclist crashes into a pedestrian, the hapless pedestrian can suffer devastating injuries. Even if they are initially able to walk away from the collision relatively unscathed — often due to the surge of adrenaline that people have in emergency situations — the pedestrians may experience pain and other adverse complications in the days and weeks following their dust-up with the bicyclist.

Dual-state study indicates decline

Construction accidents can hurt people in cars and on the street

Construction is often the sign of a thriving local economy. It means that businesses and builders want to invest in the area. It can also mean that previously poorly maintained areas can soon become a source of beauty, rather than a blight, for the local community. Construction provides new housing opportunities for people in densely populated areas in New York, and it creates a host of jobs.

Unfortunately, construction is also a source of risk for both debilitating injuries and death. Construction workers have some of the highest injury and fatality rates of any professionals. The risk doesn't end with those wearing hard hats to work, however. Other people nearby can also be at risk in the event of serious construction issues.

Who is liable for your child's head injury from soccer?

As a parent, you are aware of how much your young son or daughter wants to join the school soccer team. In fact, it's all you've heard from your child all summer long.

You don't want to be an overprotective parent rearing a little snowflake. Still, you hesitate, because you've heard that head shots in soccer can lead to irreversible brain damage.

Construction workers face risks caused by employer choices

Certain risks are inherent in construction work jobs. Many times, especially in New York, this kind of work involves heights, supplies and machinery moving rapidly at great heights and electricity.

The potential for severe accidents exists around every proverbial corner on the job site, leaving workers at constant risk for an injury that could leave them unable to work or even dead. A recent accident in New York City highlights the risk construction workers face on the job each day.

Commercial trucks can cause devastating injuries or death

If you've driven or ridden as a passenger in any vehicle in recent years, you've likely noticed the increasing presence of massive commercial trucks. These so-called big rigs take up a lot of space on the road and travel across the country. There's no doubt that companies depend on commercial trucks to get supplies and products from one place to another. There's also no question that these vehicles create a massive amount of risk for everyone else on the road.

Like other drivers, truck drivers can make bad decisions. They can get behind the wheel while under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs. They can choose to drink and drive. They may decide to text while driving or otherwise indulge in distraction. They choose to drive when they know they are tired. These actions are risky enough when someone driving a passenger vehicle does them. When the person making these questionable decisions is behind the wheel of a massive commercial truck, the consequences can be tragic.

Do you have coverage for collisions with uninsured drivers?

Carrying motor vehicle liability insurance protects you in the event that you make a mistake and cause a collision with another vehicle. It's also a requirement under the law. New York mandates that every person registering a motor vehicle must have at least $10,000 in property damage coverage and at least $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person, or $50,000 for injury or death to two or more people.

Another form of coverage which is optional is uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. At first glance, that may seem unnecessary. Why do you need protection against someone else's lack of insurance if you pay your own policy? The answer is simple. If the uninsured driver causes the crash, your insurance company may not cover your losses. Adding uninsured driver coverage helps ensure you won't end up holding the bill in a crash because of someone else's negligence.

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