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Crashes happen when someone drives under the influence of fatigue

There are many situations when drowsy driving is present. Whether someone has had a late night out with friends, a long day at work or has a newborn baby at home, being on New York roadways with a lack of sleep poses serious risks to everyone. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports drowsy driving crashes resulted in 795 fatalities in 2017.

When the dropping eyes, nodding head, blurry vision and constant yawning begin, it's important for a driver to evaluate their true state of exhaustion and determine whether it's safe to get behind the wheel.

How long do you have to file a personal injury claim?

You may feel that you're not the type to sue or that you'll feel better eventually after your accident. However, it's not fair for you or your family to suffer because of someone else's negligence. Who else is going to compensate you for missed work or piled up medical bills?

Personal injury laws exist for a reason: to help people injured due to someone's negligence recover or maintain as good of a quality of life as possible.

Steps to reduce your risk of motorcycle crashes in New York

The warm months of the summer season give people a welcome opportunity to participate in their favorite outdoor activities. From swimming to biking, there are many hobbies best enjoyed when the weather is pleasant.

Motorcycle enthusiasts often take to the street en masse in the warmer summer months. Whether you enjoy motorcycles for recreational purposes or use them as part of your daily commute, safety should always be your first priority.

Can you take action if a texting driver crashes into your car?

The roads in New York can be a dangerous place. It only takes a few seconds of questionable behavior on the part of one driver to cause serious misfortune for many others. A single drunk or distracted driver could potentially cause an accident that impacts the lives of a number of other people.

If you recently got into a crash that you believe was the result of a distracted driver texting at the wheel, you probably feel upset that someone else made a bad decision that impacted your life. Don't just feel bad about it though. Take action. Under New York law, you can hold a distracted driver accountable if they cause property damage or personal injury to you or one of your passengers.

Spinal cord injuries can vary in levels of severity

Talking about spinal cord injuries often conjures to mind images of people who live as paraplegics or quadriplegics, meaning they either don't have use of their legs or have lost motor control over all four limbs. However, there is a broad range of spinal cord injuries. Full paralysis is only one consequence of a spinal cord injury.

The size and power of motor vehicles make motor vehicle accidents a likely cause of a spinal cord injury. The high speeds and potential for traumatic injury can result in a variety of spinal cord injuries that could potentially impact the rest of your life, including your ability to continue your career or even to live independently.

How the decisions of other drivers leave you seriously vulnerable

Just about every driver knows that being in control of a multi-ton vehicle is a dangerous responsibily (and anyone who doesn't should not have the privilege of driving). Small mistakes can have life-altering and even fatal consequences. If you have committed yourself to driving safely and being responsible at the wheel, you might imagine that your overall risk of a crash is lower.

Unfortunately, you are still vulnerable to a potential collision because of the behavior of other drivers. Whether someone unexpectedly slams into your vehicle or blocks the road during your approach, the potential is there for other drivers to cause accidents that leave you with serious injury and property damage.

Even mild brain injuries can cause severe complications

When a person suffers a blow to the head, there is always a chance that they may receive a brain injury. In some cases, these events go unnoticed, and may only affect the victim about as much as a heavy night of drinking. In other cases, the damage is often much more serious than the victim or those around them realize.

A mild traumatic brain injury may seem like a good diagnosis considering that more serious brain injuries can leave a victim in a coma or simply kill them outright. However, these injuries often cause significant long-term harm to the victim by changing the way the victim reacts to stressful circumstances and interprets information. Unless the victim and those around them understand that a brain injury causes these changes, the victim's professional and personal relationships may all suffer.

Don’t wait to build a claim after a commercial truck accident

Commercial truck accidents are often catastrophic, leaving victims swamped in medical bills, lost income and difficult physical recovery. Like many other traffic accidents, injury and property damage claims may take years to completely resolve, but truck accidents often involve additional complicated issues that take even longer.

Many victims do not have the extra funds to wait for years to receive full compensation for their medical bills and other expenses, but do not know where to begin. Still, anyone who experiences serious losses from a truck accident should begin building their claim as soon as they can, to keep their rights protected while pursuing justice.

Know your rights if you slip and fall near a business

Anywhere you go in New York, you're going to find sidewalks and walkways leading into businesses. For the most part, people take care of these walkways and make sure that they are safe for people who are walking by and using them.

Unfortunately, not all business owners are as considerate as others. It is the law that business owners and homeowners have to keep their properties safe. In some localities, it is also the homeowner or business owner who has to keep walkways safe and clear.

More people than you think choose to drive distracted

With the rise of mobile telephone culture came a marked increase in public awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. However, distracted driving existed long before mobile phones were a part of everyday life. People would find themselves distracted at the wheel due to discussions with family members, a desire to change the radio station or even personal grooming.

Any form of distraction is dangerous, but mobile technology is particularly insidious. People in some situations may become addicted to or dependent upon their phones. Some people may worry about the loss of a relationship or even a job if they don't immediately respond to emails and text messages.

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