Navigating Mail Theft Charges During the Holidays: How Matera Law Firm Can Help


The holiday season often sees a spike in mail theft incidents, making this time of year particularly challenging for those accused of such crimes. With severe repercussions under federal law, including the possibility of up to five years in prison, it’s crucial to have an expert legal defense. This is where The Matera Law Firm steps in to offer unparalleled legal support and guidance.

Understanding the Rise of Mail Theft During the Holidays

Navigating-Mail-Theft-Charges-During-the-Holidays-NYC-Criminal-Lawyer-Long-Island-Mail-Fraud-AttorneyDuring the holidays, mailboxes become treasure troves filled with gifts, checks, and sensitive information, leading to an uptick in mail theft cases. This crime, categorized as a felony, can be linked to various fraudulent activities, including identity theft. It’s a distressing situation, compounded by the season’s festive spirit turning sour due to legal troubles.

The Seriousness of Mail Theft and Related Charges

Mail theft is more than just stealing physical items; it often involves accessing personal information for illegal financial gains. This can lead to additional charges like identity theft, which in New York range from misdemeanors to felonies, each carrying hefty penalties, including prison time and fines.

Why Choose Matera Law Firm?

In such high-stakes situations, selecting the right defense attorney is critical. With over 25 years of experience, Long Island criminal defense attorney Michaelangelo Matera and his team at The Matera Law Firm have successfully defended various theft charges, including complex cases of mail theft, across New York. Their deep understanding of both federal and state laws makes them uniquely qualified to handle your case with the care and expertise it demands.

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Act Now: The Importance of Timely Legal Counsel

If you’re accused of mail theft, especially during the holiday season, immediate action is vital. Federal prosecution of these cases is rigorous, with long-lasting personal and professional consequences. Before discussing your case with law enforcement, it’s imperative to seek advice from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. The Matera Law Firm is prepared to offer you the strategic defense you need.

Free Consultation: Your First Step Toward Defense

Don’t let mail theft allegations ruin your holidays. If you or someone you know is facing these charges, reach out to Matera Law Firm today for a free consultation. We’re committed to listening to your story, evaluating your situation, and developing a robust defense to protect your rights and future.

Facing mail theft charges during the holiday season can be overwhelming, but with Matera Law Firm, you have a fighting chance. Contact us today for skilled, compassionate legal representation. Let Michaelangelo Matera’s extensive experience in theft defense be your guide through these challenging times. Schedule your free consultation now – take the crucial step in safeguarding your future.

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