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The Matera Law Firm has been protecting the rights of the accused for over 25 years throughout Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Schedule a free consultation today and let our dedicated Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorneys work to protect you.

Very few criminal defense attorneys in New York have the same level of expertise and dedication to their clients as those at The Matera Law Firm. 

Our Suffolk County criminal defense lawyers represent clients around New York in a wide range of criminal matters, including DWIs, drug crimes, theft, sex crimes, white-collar crimes, arraignments, homicide, and vehicle infractions.

At the legal level and on appeal, we represent clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies. The devoted Suffolk County criminal defense attorneys at The Matera Law Firm know that being accused of a crime puts your livelihood and well-being in jeopardy.

You deserve a Suffolk County criminal defense lawyer who will devote their time and energy to assisting you in obtaining the best defense possible. When you are accused of a crime, you need someone who knows your rights and understands the legal system inside and out.

Not only do we strive to safeguard your rights, but we also offer our clients a degree of professionalism, knowledge, and dedication that is unrivaled. We are accessible to our clients at all hours, keep in continual communication, and treat everyone with the greatest kindness and respect.

With former prosecutors among our ranks, we understand how the opposing side of the courtroom will see our clients’ cases. Furthermore, over the years, our trial strategy has helped us to produce excellent results for all of our clients.

Benefits of our Suffolk County Criminal Defense Lawyers

We serve clients in Long Island, NYC, and the greater NYC metropolitan area. When you are accused of a crime in Suffolk County, you can rest easy knowing that you are represented by a local law firm familiar with the courts and organizations that may be involved in your case. 

We have a substantial edge in establishing your case because of our experience and local presence. We believe those accused of a crime in Long Island need an attorney who can represent them regardless of where they live. 

​​We would like to speak with you and learn further about your case. We provide free initial consultations and evaluations and are available to answer your questions in order to better assist you. 

As Suffolk County criminal defense lawyers, we understand that deciding which lawyer you choose can be difficult and personal. We invite you to learn more about our lawyers, firm, and practices on our site or leading legal sites. We believe you will choose us, as we are the firm ready and qualified to represent your case.

Other Areas of Practice

As Suffolk County criminal defense lawyers, we have extensive experience defending many types of cases. Here are a few of the areas our team practices within. 

Drug Charges

A,Man,In,Handcuffs,Was,Detained,By,The,Police - Suffolk County Drug Crime LawyerNo matter what the extent of the drug charge may be, those who are accused deserve a strong defense. Drug charges can carry exorbitant sentences and extreme penalties, even for non-violent offenders. If you or someone you love has been charged with a drug-related crime in Nassau or Suffolk Counties, contact the Matera Law Firm.

Our team of drug crime attorneys will fight hard to protect your rights. We have nearly three decades of combined legal experience in fighting for those who have been accused of crimes.

Theft Defense

Theft occurs when someone takes another person’s property without their permission. “Larceny” is another term for this type of crime. Theft does not normally involve the use of force or threat of force against the victim as a legal offense. Robbery is the term used to describe theft that involves the use of force. 

Each legal case, however, is distinct. A larceny conviction on Long Island can have serious consequences for your reputation, job, and personal life. 

Larceny accusations in New York come in a variety of forms. As a result, theft punishments vary greatly. Larceny has decreased in New York City during the last few years, but it remains a significant problem.

DWI/DUI Defense

A motorist with a blood alcohol percentage of 0.08 percent or above might be charged with a DWI in New York. Dealing with a DWI charge is a distressing process. Many people assume that a DWI charge is unimportant or trivial. This is a misunderstanding. 

Car,Keys,And,Glass,Of,Alcohol,On,Table,In,Pub - Suffolk County DWI LawyerDWI convictions can result in a variety of harsh punishments. If convicted of a DWI in New York, you could face having your license revoked, paying large fines, or spending time in jail or prison.

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated, you should seek our legal counsel as quickly as possible. You will have the best opportunity to obtain a favorable conclusion in your case if you contact one of our experienced attorneys. 

The Matera Law Firm’s experienced Long Island DWI attorneys will fight hard for you. We have a lot of experience representing people who have been accused of driving while impaired.

Civil Rights Violations

How can you begin to hold the police accountable if you or someone you care about has had their civil rights violated by the police? 

Our civil rights lawyers have worked as assistant district attorneys in the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office and the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. When the police make unlawful arrests, commit police misconduct, or pursue wrongful prosecutions, we know how to create solid cases against them.

A knowledgeable Suffolk County criminal defense lawyer will review the evidence of your case and advise you on the best plan of action. 

Our civil rights lawyers have defended victims in high-profile police brutality instances like the Mafia Cops case, in which two NYPD cops were convicted of carrying out murders for the mafia. No matter who you’re up against, we fight for you.

Robbery/Burglary Defense

Robbery is a serious charge. It is classified as a violent act in New York state law. As a result, a robbery conviction bears severe consequences. 

In the last few years, crime rates in New York City have risen. According to records from the New York City Police Department, there were over 840 robberies in March of 2021 alone. It’s safe to say this is an extremely common problem in and around the Big Apple.

If you are accused of robbery or burglary, you can schedule a free consultation with an expert robbery defense attorney at The Matera Law Firm. For over 25 combined years, we’ve been fighting for the rights of accused people all around Suffolk County.

Domestic Violence

In New York, police officers are frequently ready to initiate arrests in the wake of domestic abuse complaints. Judges often issue restraining orders or protective orders to persons who make claims. An injunction like this could prevent you from living in your own house if you’ve been accused of domestic violence. 

Our experienced domestic violence attorneys have a proven track record of aggressively advocating for our clients. Some of our Suffolk County criminal defense lawyers have worked as prosecutors in the past, giving us a distinct advantage in criminal matters. 

Do not take a domestic abuse accusation lightly. To guarantee that your rights are protected, contact our team of the best domestic violence lawyers on Long Island, NY.

White-Collar Crimes

If you are being investigated for or have been accused of fraud, embezzlement, or tax evasion, our attorneys are here to help. 

Convictions for financial crimes can lead to large fines and long sentences. Our skilled, experienced attorneys know how to build your defense in even the most complex cases.

We’ll work hard and examine all of the angles to reduce the risk to your reputation, career, and livelihood that comes with an accusation of a white-collar crime.

Schedule A Free Consultation with our Suffolk County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Have you been accused of a crime in Suffolk County? By providing free consultations to our potential clients, The Matera Law Firm is happy to use our over 25 years of experience to help you win. 

If you need a Suffolk County criminal defense lawyer or have any questions regarding legal issues, we’ll be glad to take your call and set up a free consultation for a time that works best for you! 

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