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If you or someone you love was accused of a crime, it’s important to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your rights and protect your freedom. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Nassau County criminal defense lawyer at The Matera Law Firm. Protecting clients throughout Suffolk and Nassau Counties for over 25 years. 

If you or a close relative has suddenly been accused of a crime, you’re probably dealing with a lot of feelings while trying to figure out how the judicial system works. 

Being arrested comes with a risk of incarceration, fines, and other serious consequences. Many people facing criminal accusations miss out on crucial opportunities to influence the result of their case. 

Allowing yourself to be taken advantage of in the Nassau County legal system is a bad idea. You’ll need to find an experienced Nassau County criminal defense lawyer who can be assertive and relentless while being sensitive toward your circumstances if you want the best chance of a successful conclusion.

A Nassau County criminal defense lawyer at The Matera Law Firm will help you navigate the legal system and pursue the best outcome for your case. Continue reading to learn more about criminal defense law and why you should hire one of our experienced lawyers to help you with your case.

How Can Our Nassau County Criminal Defense Lawyers Help in Your Case?

Those who are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system could be unaware of the role of an experienced Nassau County criminal defense lawyer. Simply stated, an experienced attorney will preserve your freedoms and rights to the greatest possible extent. 

When you hire an attorney at The Matera Law Firm, we will perform due diligence into the details of your case in order to construct a strong defense on your behalf. 

Gavel,With,Stand,And,Handcuffs,On,The,Wooden,Background.,Top - Nassau County Criminal Defense LawyerNegotiating settlements with prosecutors in your criminal case could be part of defending your best interests. Settlements in criminal cases might result in bail being reduced, charges being lowered, or sentencing and sentencing alternatives being significantly reduced. 

If a favorable settlement cannot be reached, our experienced Nassau County criminal defense lawyers will fight for your rights in court. 

We’ll talk to you about how your case is progressing and walk you through every step. Simultaneously, our lawyers will put together the best possible defense in your case. Your expectations will be set by the top criminal justice attorneys. 

Never put your trust in an attorney who only gives you the information you want to hear. Insinuations of criminal activity are extremely serious. A trustworthy lawyer will review your case with you openly and honestly while working relentlessly on your side.

Areas of Practice 

We are more than just Nassau County criminal defense lawyers at The Matera Law Firm. Our team is ready, willing, and able to help you in a variety of different situations. Below you’ll find a handful of areas we practice and how our team can help you with your case. 

Drug Crimes 

Both state and federal laws make many chemicals unlawful. Production, distribution, and possession of a wide range of drugs are all criminal under New York state law. If you’ve been charged with any of these offenses, you’ll have the best chance of fighting the charges if you hire an experienced drug crime lawyer. 

Actual and constructive possession are the two most common types of possession charges. When somebody is suspected of physically possessing a controlled substance, they are charged with actual possession. 

Direct possession isn’t required for a constructive possession charge. If you have influence over or even just access to the area where narcotics are discovered, such as in your car or home, you may face this charge. 

DWI / DUI Defense

If you are facing accusations of driving while intoxicated, consulting an experienced Nassau County criminal defense attorney is crucial.

Our accomplished Nassau County DWI attorneys have a track record of securing positive outcomes for those who are accused of DWI. Do not take this type of accusation lightly. Contact the premier legal team in Nassau County and let our 25+ years of experience work for you.


Word,Arraignment,Composed,Of,Wooden,Dices.,Wooden,Gavel,And,Statue - Arraignments - Nassau County Criminal Defense LawyerWhat is the definition of an arraignment? What are the steps in the procedure? Should you seek legal advice? You probably have a lot of questions if you’ve been accused of a crime. 

Arraignment is a crucial stage in the court process when somebody is arrested in New York for criminal conduct. The majority of people who find themselves in the legal system do not know enough about the significance of arraignment in legal proceedings. 

In New York City, this typical legal action occurs regularly. According to the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, more than 67,000 arraignments were conducted in New York in 2020.

Our dedicated attorneys will be with you throughout your arraignment, helping you craft your plea and working to reduce your bail.

Assault Charges 

Someone may be charged with “assault” if they are accused of hurting another person without legal justification. An accusation of assault is a serious criminal offense. Depending on the facts of the case, it can lead to a wide variety of consequences. 

Assault offenses are occasionally classed as misdemeanors in New York state law. Consult an accomplished Nassau County criminal defense lawyer at The Matera Law Firm if you or someone you love has been charged with an assault on Long Island. Our assault lawyers have a combined experience spanning nearly three decades.

Homicide/Murder Defense

Crime,Scene,Tape,With,Blurred,Forensic,Law,Enforcement,Background,In - Homicide Defense Attorney in Nassau County NYOne of the most severe crimes you may be charged with is homicide. Although New York has abolished the death penalty, a homicide conviction could end in life in prison without the chance of parole. Homicide accusations are taken very seriously by prosecutors. 

Homicide, as per New York state law, is the killing of another person without lawful justification. It is not always deliberate or preplanned. If a death occurs as a result of a person’s cruel actions, they may be charged with murder. A person may also be charged with murder if someone dies while the defendant is committing another crime.

Complex scientific evidence, such as DNA and toxicological reports, is frequently used in these cases. If you are charged with homicide, it is critical that you retain the services of an experienced Nassau County criminal defense lawyer. 

White-Collar Crimes

White-collar crime is a broad term that refers to a variety of criminal activities. These crimes are typically criminal acts that entail dishonesty, such as fraud or tax evasion. The major motivation is usually monetary gain. 

Federal and state prosecutors are increasingly using laws and regulations to place individuals and corporations under intense scrutiny. Just about every industry is affected by this. 

Entrepreneurs and employees of insurance firms, banking institutions, and healthcare companies are most frequently accused of white-collar crimes. Obtaining the assistance of a white-collar criminal attorney is critical to avoid prosecution or reduce the penalties. 

Don’t delay if you’ve been accused of fraud in Nassau County. The Matera Law Firm’s white-collar crime lawyers can help. Our expert attorneys have a collective legal experience of more than 25 years. We’ve seen our fair share of white-collar crimes and can help you get the best outcome possible. 

Schedule A Free Consultation With our Nassau County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Above are just a handful of the areas of practice we work in. It is critical to obtain experienced legal representation regardless of the type of criminal accusations you may be facing in Nassau County. Our team of competent attorneys at our Long Island law company will fight hard for you. 

Former prosecutors work for us, giving us a distinct advantage when defending persons accused of illegal activities. Allowing false claims to harm your reputation is not a good idea. Make an appointment with one of Long Island’s top white-collar criminal lawyers. 

The Matera Law Firm’s experienced Nassau County criminal defense lawyers know what it takes to get positive results when you have been arrested or accused of a crime. 

Our attorneys have nearly three decades of combined expertise and can help you get a favorable resolution in your case. Contact us at your soonest availability to arrange a free initial consultation. 

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