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Real Help After You Have Been Injured In A Car Accident

Travelling in a car is dangerous. That is easy to forget until the moment a crash occurs. You may be facing serious injuries and months of treatment followed by years of physical therapy. You may have permanent limitations to what you can do. You may not be able to perform all of your old job responsibilities.

You cannot overstate how hard it is to put your life back together after a serious car accident. Making sure that you are fully compensated for everything you have been through and will have to go through is one way to make it easier.

We understand how to help people who have suffered a wide variety of injuries in auto accidents, including:

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Amputations
  • Whiplash

We Know How To Deal With The Insurance Companies

Our extensive experience in helping those who have suffered serious injuries has taught us how to serve as effective advocates for our clients against insurance companies. That experience helps us make the most of the negotiations and during litigation, if that is necessary.

Decades Of Personal Injury Experience Make A Difference

At The Matera Law Firm, we have more than 30 years of combined experience that we utilize to secure the best possible results for our clients. We want you to have access to the medical resources and financial support you need when we are done. Our goal is to help you begin moving your life in the direction you want it to go in. Over the years, we have obtained millions in settlements and verdicts for our clients.

Car Accident Attorneys Serving Melville, Long Island And New York

You deserve to be properly compensated after a car crash. Turn to The Matera Law Firm. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, call 516-741-6700 or contact us online.

We only collect attorney’s fees in personal injury cases if we obtain compensation for you.