What Are the Different Types of Criminal Homicide?

Everyone deserves a strong legal defense when they have been accused of a crime. This is especially true when the crime is serious, like homicide. Watch this video by dedicated Long Island homicide defense attorney Michaelangelo Matera to learn more about the different types of criminal homicide and how our firm can help you bring a strong legal defense against charges of homicide in New York.


When an individual is charged with killing another, there are many different levels and different elements of the various crimes, from murder in the first degree, which is typically premeditated murder, having planned it out beforehand. Murder in the second degree, which is not premeditated. There can be criminally negligent homicide. There can be manslaughter. So it’s really important to make sure that you have the right attorney so that the right attorney can make sure that the district attorney’s office can meet all the elements for the count of murder that they choose to bring.

First-Degree Murder Charges

This type of charge is applicable when a legal adult (18 or older) intends to cause the death of another person and does cause that person’s death.

Second-Degree Murder Charges

A second-degree murder charge is applicable when a perpetrator has engaged in conduct that results in another person’s death. There are several different ways in which the state may claim that someone committed second-degree murder.

Unintentional Homicide

This type of crime is defined by the perpetrator unintentionally causing the death of another person. Unintentional homicide must occur as the result of a low-level crime or from negligence. This type of homicide charge does not require the prosecutor to prove premeditation, deliberation, or intent.


A manslaughter charge can be either voluntary or involuntary. Under a charge of voluntary manslaughter, the prosecutor claims that the defendant intended to cause serious bodily harm to the victim. They also claim that the harm resulted in death.

Vehicular Manslaughter

This type of manslaughter charge involves a death from the negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

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