How Can A Dog Bite Lawyer Help?

Were you or someone you love attacked by a dog in New York? An experienced dog bite lawyer can help you recover compensation for your pain and suffering. Watch this video by dedicated personal injury attorney Michaelangelo Matera to learn more about your rights in New York.


If you are the victim of a dog bite attack, having the right attorney is very important. Here at our firm we will help a client determine whether or not that dog had previously bitten anyone, whether that dog has previously shown any violent propensities towards any other persons. And in doing so, we’re able to give a client some peace of mind so that they don’t have to go forward on a litigation that would not, for example, have a chance of succeeding if the dog did not have a prior bite or prior showing of a violent propensity

The last thing in the world we would want is for a client to get two years through litigation, only to find out that that is not the case and that they ultimately did not have a claim. But also, when we determine that a dog has previously bitten someone or has previously shown any violent propensity, we’re going to make sure that we maximize the recovery that our client is able to obtain based on the injuries sustained.

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