Who Is Liable for Dog Bites?

If you’ve been bitten by a dog in New York, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your pain and suffering. To learn more about who is liable for dog bites, watch this video by experienced Long Island dog bite attorney Michaelangelo Matera. 


In New York State, an owner will be responsible for an injury caused by the bite of their animal. This is going to be subject to New York states, as they call it, one bite rule. And typically whether or not that dog has previously bitten any other person or previously shown any violent propensity. In the event where we can show that a dog has previously bitten someone or previously shown a violent propensity, then the owner of that dog will absolutely bear the liability for the actions of the animal.

If you or someone you love was attacked by a dog in New York, our experienced dog bite attorneys can help you seek justice. At The Matera Law Firm, we have over 25 years of experience helping people when they need it most. That commitment has allowed us to generate a record of success that includes obtaining millions of dollars for our clients injured in dog attacks in New York.

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