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Being charged with a drug crime is serious, and your future is at stake. It is very important to hire a skilled Long Island drug charge lawyer immediately to safeguard your future. Attorney Michael Matera helps clients in Suffolk and Nassau County. We urge you to schedule your free consultation right away.

In the meantime, please keep reading to learn more about drug charges in Long Island. We would be glad to put our decades of experience to work for your protection.

Common Drug Charges

The following are common crimes our Long Island drug charge lawyer Michael Matera handles frequently. Do not wait to reach out to our office if you have been charged with any drug-related crime. Your future is at stake, and we want to fight to protect you.

Drug Trafficking or Distribution

Trafficking and distribution is a charge that alleges that you sold or delivered substances illegally. Trafficking can either be the sale of an illegal substance, or it can be the sale of a regulated substance sold illegally. The penalties for these charges are severe but increase if you were arrested near somewhere like a school or community center. Drug trafficking can land you in prison for life at the very worst.

Manufacturing Drugs

You may be charged with manufacturing drugs if you are caught cooking meth, producing LSD, or gathering ingredients to make controlled substances. Even if you were assisting in manufacturing these drugs, you could be charged with a drug crime. You should arrange to meet our drug charge lawyer right away.

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One of the most common drug charges is possession. This charge breaks down into two types of crimes: actual possession and constructive possession.

Actual possession drug charges allege that you have a controlled substance that you did not legally obtain. For example, you may be charged with actual possession if you have a baggie of Xanax that a doctor did not prescribe.

Constructive possession alleges that you have access to a location where police officers discovered illegal drugs. For example, if you owned the storage locker that cocaine was found in, you can be charged with constructive possession.

Defenses a Drug Charge Lawyer Can Use

The following details are possible defenses our Long Island drug crime lawyer may be able to use for your case. These are frequently utilized defenses that have successfully helped people eliminate or reduce their charges.


Entrapment is the act of being pressured to commit a crime you would never have otherwise committed. While police officers can run sting operations to stop a drug crime, they cannot coerce you to commit a crime. Entrapment is among one of the most convincing defenses in our toolkit.

Unlawful Search and Seizure

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects you from unlawful search and seizure. Any illegal drugs that were found and taken from your property during an unlawful search cannot be used as evidence to build a drug charge against you. For example, you would be a victim of illegal search and seizure if police officers found controlled substances in your home during a search they did not have a warrant for.

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Please Schedule a Consultation with Our Long Island Drug Charge Lawyer

Facing a drug-related charge is not something you should handle on your own. We urge you to call our office right away to schedule your free consultation. New York State does not treat these crimes lightly, nor should you. Get the representation you need as soon as possible to protect your rights. Attorney Michael Matera is dedicated to helping his clients fight drug charges.

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