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Have you been charged with theft in Nassau County? It can be very scary to get charged with a crime. You may be worried about your future. Our Nassau County theft lawyer can help you navigate this criminal process. Please do not hesitate to contact our office today to set up a consultation right away.

Theft Penalties

If you have been accused of stealing under $1,000, it is considered to be petit larceny in NYS. Even petit larceny can come with the penalties of a year in jail as well as fines of $1,000. You would need to be proven guilty of theft of less than $1,000 value.

If you are accused of stealing over $1,000 value, this is grand larceny. There are several degrees of grand larceny depending on the amount that you have been accused of theft.

The penalty that most people consider to be the scariest is jail time. Depending on the amount that you are accused of stealing, you can face 4-25 years in jail. Fourth-degree grand larceny can result in up to four years. Third-degree larceny can be up to seven years in jail. Second-degree larceny can be up to 15 years in jail. First-degree larceny can be up to 25 years in jail.

For more information about your charge, please get in touch with our Nassau County theft lawyer as soon as possible to set up a consultation.

Possible Defenses for Your Case

We can argue several points to provide you with an outcome that is less than the most severe case scenario. If you have been arrested under the impression that you were going to steal from a store, but you never left the store, we can possibly argue to prove that you had no intentions of theft. Sometimes people get arrested because they put something in their pocket, and someone interpreted that they were intending to steal. Another possible defense, if you did leave a store with merchandise, is that you did not do so intentionally.

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If you want to have a skilled and fiercely defensive Nassau County theft lawyer by your side after you have been charged with theft, please give us a call right away. We care deeply about your future, and we want to fight to get you the best possible results. Set up a consultation with us today.

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