New York Burglary Lawyer

Every burglary charge involves a unique set of circumstances. It is important to consult with a skilled New York burglary lawyer to plan the most successful strategy for your case.

There are many common defenses for people who are facing charges of burglary. In criminal cases, the defendant’s guilt must be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Therefore, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will use proven strategies to undermine the prosecutor’s arguments and evidence.


One of the most important things an experienced New York burglary lawyer can do when an individual is charged with a burglary is to properly investigate all of the allegations and the facts involved in the case. An attorney can look to determine where on a property somebody was. An attorney can look to determine what actually was the crime that the prosecution is accusing an individual of intending to commit. Many times we have been able to show that an individual did not enter any particular location with an intent to commit the crime, even though one did ultimately happen.

And under those circumstances, an attorney can successfully negotiate to a much lesser charge.

If you have been charged with burglary in Nassau or Suffolk counties, do not wait. Contact an experienced New York burglary lawyer at The Matera Law Firm. We understand that every accused person deserves a formidable defense. Every individual is innocent until proven guilty.

Our former prosecutors have over 25 years of experience helping people when they need it most. That commitment has allowed us to generate a record of success that includes obtaining positive results against burglary charges.

If you or someone you love is in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney, contact us today for a free confidential consultation. We proudly serve Suffolk County, Nassau County, Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and throughout New York State.

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