Burglary Charges in New York

Are you or someone you know facing burglary charges in New York? A criminal conviction can affect your life, reputation, and professional prospects for years to come. An accomplished burglary defense attorney will build a persuasive legal argument to protect you. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney at The Matera Law Firm and let our 25 years of experience work to protect you.


Burglary charges typically involve entering someone else’s property with the intention to commit a crime, therein. Many people believe that burglary is breaking into somebody’s home to steal something. However, the legal definition does not make that the only type of incident. So you can be charged with a burglary if you illegally enter someone else’s property, for example, with the intention to assault them. That could still be a burglary, as could if you intended to steal their property, that could be a burglary.

So there are very different types of elements to different burglary charges.

Do not leave your fate to chance; contact the top burglary defense lawyers in Nassau and Suffolk counties at The Matera Law Firm. Our legal team boasts more than 25 years of combined experience in defending our clients. We know what it takes to beat burglary charges and to secure the best outcomes for the accused.

Our firm employs former prosecutors, who can provide their unique perspectives to build the strongest defense possible in your case. Contact an experienced burglary defense attorney at The Matera Law Firm today for a free legal consultation to discuss your burglary charges and possible defenses.

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