Shoplifting Penalties in NYS

Shoplifting Penalties in NYS Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyers

Have you or someone you love been arrested and charged with shoplifting? We know how scary it can be to be up against a criminal charge. Shoplifting penalties will vary based on the seriousness of your charge. We have represented all forms of these charges.

When you are looking for someone to fiercely defend your rights, please call our Long Island shoplifting defense attorneys to set up a consultation.

Shoplifting Penalties Based on Severity of the Charge

The first and least severe charge for shoplifting is petit larceny. This would happen when you are accused of stealing no more than $1,000. It is considered to be a misdemeanor and when convicted of this charge, you could be facing one year of jail as well as a fine of $1,000.

The next most serious charge is fourth-degree grand larceny. If you were charged with fourth-degree grand larceny, it means you were accused of stealing a value over $1,000. This is also a common charge for stealing credit cards, threatening to ruin someone’s reputation, stealing a vehicle that is worth more than $100, and having a stolen firearm. This is a felony, and you could be facing up to four years of prison as well as $5,000 in fines.

Among some of the more severe shoplifting penalties is a third-degree grand larceny charge. This will happen when someone is charged with stealing more than $3,000 in value. This can also be a charge for someone who was charged with theft involving an ATM. This is a felony charge that will land you with a max sentence of seven years in prison and fines.

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These are the most common charges for someone who tries to shoplift. There are more severe charges for bigger thefts, but these are not very common for shoplifting. In a study done, the most commonly shoplifted items include designer clothes, jeans, infant formula, and designer purses.

If you have been charged with shoplifting or theft, the sooner you reach out to a lawyer, the better of you will likely be. It is a very urgent ordeal. We would be glad to meet with you to talk about your charges right away.

In the meantime, do not give away any statements about the alleged theft. Do not put yourself in a position to get charged again. Call us to get started on representing your case right away.

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