Spinal cord injuries can vary in levels of severity

Spinal cord injuries can vary in levels of severity

Spinal cord injuries can vary in levels of severity

Talking about spinal cord injuries often conjures to mind images of people who live as paraplegics or quadriplegics, meaning they either don’t have use of their legs or have lost motor control over all four limbs. However, there is a broad range of spinal cord injuries. Full paralysis is only one consequence of a spinal cord injury.

The size and power of motor vehicles make motor vehicle accidents a likely cause of a spinal cord injury. The high speeds and potential for traumatic injury can result in a variety of spinal cord injuries that could potentially impact the rest of your life, including your ability to continue your career or even to live independently.

Sometimes, it is possible to recover from a spinal cord injury

Complete and permanent paralysis is a potential side effect of a complete spinal cord injury. That term refers to a spinal cord injury that involves the severing of the spinal cord. Once that delicate tissue has been fully cut, medical science does not yet have the ability to repair it. People typically lose sensation and motor function below the site of a complete spinal cord injury.

However, incomplete spinal cord injuries also occur. These injuries involve the crushing, nicking, pinching or bruising of the spinal cord without it becoming fully severed. Those with incomplete spinal cord injuries may recover some or all of their sensation and motor function in the affected areas with proper treatment and physical therapy.

Adaptive technology helps people live full lives after a devastating injury

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Even those with a complete spinal cord injury who will not regain motor function in the affected areas can still live a full and happy life. It may even be possible to continue the same career. Modern adaptive technology can help individuals with serious physical limitations overcome their injuries and participate in the kind of life they desire.

From motorized wheelchairs to electronic devices that make handling daily tasks easier, there are many forms of adaptive technology that, when partnered with physical therapy, can substantially improve the quality of life of an individual with a spinal cord injury.

Unfortunately, the best and most cutting-edge medicine, including physical therapy, spinal cord surgeries and adaptive technology, often cost quite a bit. Insurance in New York may not fully cover those costs.

You may need to seek compensation from the person who caused your injury in a car crash in order to cover the expenses associated with care. A personal injury lawsuit is one of the most effective ways of closing the gap between your current financial circumstances and the funds you need to cover expenses related your complex injury.

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