Steps to reduce your risk of motorcycle crashes in New York

Steps to reduce your risk of motorcycle crashes in New York

The warm months of the summer season give people a welcome opportunity to participate in their favorite outdoor activities. From swimming to biking, there are many hobbies best enjoyed when the weather is pleasant.

Motorcycle enthusiasts often take to the street en masse in the warmer summer months. Whether you enjoy motorcycles for recreational purposes or use them as part of your daily commute, safety should always be your first priority.

After all, if you get into a crash with a larger enclosed vehicle, you will likely suffer severe injuries while the other party doesn’t get hurt at all. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to keep yourself as safe as possible on your motorcycle.

Always wear a good helmet and safety gear

Although avoiding a crash is the ideal scenario, you simply can’t control what other people do on the road. To keep yourself as safe as possible, it is usually in your best interest to invest in critical safety gear before you hit the road.

A good helmet can help keep you safe in the event that you get into a crash with another vehicle. It’s also a requirement under New York law. The right jacket and pants can reduce your risk of road rash and other injuries. Although gear can’t eliminate the risk of a collision, it can drastically reduce the severity of the injuries you suffer.

Follow all the rules of the road

Being on a motorcycle is a liberating experience, and you may feel tempted to take a side trip down the one-way street because you know you can avoid traffic or to drive at a ridiculously quick speed for the thrill of it.

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Breaking traffic laws while on a motorcycle is particularly risky. When other drivers can’t anticipate your moves, they may not see you in time to stop and keep you safe. The more compliant you are with the rules of the road, the more visible you will be to other drivers. You will also protect yourself against partial liability in the event that you do get into a crash.

Make yourself as visible as possible

Many people claim that they didn’t notice a motorcycle driver before a crash. Although dark colors are always the standard for motorcycle drivers, brighter colors could draw more attention your way.

From bright patches on your jacket to a reflector on your helmet, there are many options to improving your overall visibility on your motorcycle. The more steps you take to make yourself visible, the less likely other people are to hit you.

Even if you do everything right, it is still possible that someone else will cause a crash and injure you. In that scenario, you want to sit down with an experienced New York motorcycle accident attorney to talk about your rights and options.

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