What Is Vehicular Assault?

Vehicular assault typically involves a situation where you have recklessly driven your car, resulting in an accident whereby you have injured another person. When you’re charged with a vehicular assault, it is extremely important that you get an attorney to represent you immediately so they can properly evaluate such a claim. Schedule a free consultation with Long Island assault lawyer Michaelangelo Matera for dedicated representation with a proven track record of success.


Any object that has the potential of causing bodily damage when used in a reckless or malicious way can be categorized as a dangerous instrument. This includes motor vehicles. If you or someone you love was charged with vehicular assault, it’s important to seek legal representation as soon as possible to defend you rights and ensure your freedom.

At The Matera Law Firm, we have over 25 years of experience helping people when they need it most. That commitment has allowed us to generate a record of success and positive results against assault charges. If you or someone you love is in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney, contact us today for a free confidential consultation. We proudly serve Suffolk County, Nassau County, Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and throughout New York State.

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