Who Is Liable in a Truck Accident?

Were you involved in a truck accident in New York and have questions about liability and who is liable in a truck accident? Watch this video by experienced Long Island injury attorney Michaelangelo Matera to learn about your rights.


A question we get a lot of times is, who can I sue if I’m involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle or truck? And what we do is we’re going to bring claims against not only the operator of the truck, but also against the owner of the truck or the company that owns this truck. And the reason is, we’re going to establish whether or not that company hired the right person to be operating that vehicle. We’re going to investigate whether that company has properly maintained that vehicle, whether they’ve properly repaired that vehicle

More often than not, the operator of the vehicle is not assigned to one particular vehicle. So he or she may drive a different vehicle every day, which leaves the owner as the one who’s responsible for the routine maintenance of that vehicle. So in any type of trucking accident, we’re going to be looking not only at the operator, but also at the owner of the vehicle so that we can properly assess who is responsible for the injuries sustained by our client.

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