Don’t wait to build a claim after a commercial truck accident

Don’t wait to build a claim after a commercial truck accident

Don’t wait to build a claim after a commercial truck accident

Commercial truck accidents are often catastrophic, leaving victims swamped in medical bills, lost income and difficult physical recovery. Like many other traffic accidents, injury and property damage claims may take years to completely resolve, but truck accidents often involve additional complicated issues that take even longer.

Many victims do not have the extra funds to wait for years to receive full compensation for their medical bills and other expenses, but do not know where to begin. Still, anyone who experiences serious losses from a truck accident should begin building their claim as soon as they can, to keep their rights protected while pursuing justice.

A strong claim requires strong evidence

One of the factors that may complicate a truck accident is determining what caused the accident and what party or parties are responsible for the damages. Even though the accident involves a commercial truck, this does not mean that the truck or its driver actually caused the accident. It is not wise to assume that the truck driver or the company that hired them holds liability until you have the evidence to prove it.

It is always wise to gather as much evidence as you can at the scene of the accident, preferably before anyone clears away the wreckage. This may include pictures and video, as well as statements from witnesses, other victims and the driver of the truck. It is also wise to seek security footage from nearby homes or businesses that capture the accident. The longer a victim waits to begin gathering this evidence, the more difficult it is to gather.

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Commercial trucks feature logs that indicate how long the driver was operating since resting, which may be important evidence and the driver must provide these logs upon request. These vehicles also feature data recording devices that may provide useful evidence, but victims have very little time to request this data. The owner of the truck also legally owns this data, and may delete it until they receive a formal request for it. This data may only remain available for a matter of days.

Begin building your claim now

Gathering evidence for a claim is only the beginning of a long process. If you are a victim of a truck accident, you need help recovering soon, not months or years in the future. Make sure to use high-quality legal resources and guidance as necessary while you build your claim, to allow you to focus on your physical recovery, and to keep your needs and rights secure in the meantime.

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