Will I Go to Jail for a DWI?

When you’re arrested for driving while intoxicated, you may be wondering if you will go to jail for a DWI if you plead guilty or are convicted. Watch this video by dedicated Long Island DWI lawyer Michaelangelo Matera to learn more about penalties associated with DWI and whether you can be required to go to jail for a DWI in New York.


Because a charge of driving while intoxicated can be a misdemeanor or a felony, you can absolutely be punished to a period of incarceration. On a misdemeanor, it would be up to three hundred and sixty four days. On a felony, it can be for more than a year of incarceration.

Convictions for driving while intoxicated are serious, and penalties can quickly add up, especially for repeat offenders. If you or someone you love was arrested for driving while intoxicated in New York, it’s important to retain an experienced DWI attorney right away to preserve your rights and ensure your freedom from going to jail for a DWI.

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