Avoid a distracted driver before it’s too late

Avoid a distracted driver before it’s too late

Avoid a distracted driver before it’s too late

For some reason, many people decide that the perfect time to make a phone call, send an email, or check a text message is while they are driving. Unfortunately, distracted driving is not limited to using a phone while behind the wheel. You have seen the others, reading a book, trying to fix the thermostat, driving with their elbows while they eat a burger, and even those engaging in personal grooming that they should have done in the bathroom at home.

Distracted drivers are everywhere and sometimes, it is easy to identify them. Before your next commute through Melville, take the time to learn some tips to help you spot a distracted driver.

Veering away from center

For the car that is riding too close to the shoulder, or the one that is only an inch from being in the next lane, assume the driver is not focusing on the road. When a vehicle is veering either too far to the right or left of the center of the lane, keep your distance to avoid a possible collision.

Erratic braking

Usually, when a driver slams on the brakes it is because he or she did not see danger ahead or the cars slowing down in front. Sudden braking is a good indication that a driver is too busy multitasking instead of paying attention to the road. To avoid rear-ending a car that suddenly brakes in front of you, be sure to keep plenty of space between the two of you. He or she may not have time to sufficiently slow down, but with enough distance, you might.

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Hanging out at the intersection

When a stop light changes to green and that one car is still sitting there, seemingly oblivious, while the other traffic goes by, this driver is probably not looking at the road. Furthermore, there is a good possibility that whatever that driver was doing at the red light will continue when he or she accelerates.


If you see a driver wearing headphones, it is likely that individual is on the phone. If he or she is busy talking, that is taking away from the focus that should be on the road. While hands-free phone usage is still common, it can be as dangerous as not engaging the hands-free option.

While the above tips can help you avoid an accident with a distracted driver, they are not foolproof. Sometimes, no matter how cautious you are, it is impossible to avoid a collision with a distracted or negligent driver.

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