There are many causes of serious construction accidents

There are many causes of serious construction accidents

There are many causes of serious construction accidents

Any type of construction accident is serious, as it can cause an injury that alters a person’s life forever.

As a construction worker, it’s critical that you understand the common causes of accidents on the job site. This will go a long way in helping you avoid trouble.

If you come across any type of safety hazard, discuss it with your employer. You don’t want to take a risk with your health.

Here are some of the many causes of serious construction accidents:

  • Falls. There is more than one type of potential fall. For example, a person could slip and fall on the ground. He or she could also fall from height, such as off a ladder or roof.
  • Falling objects. Any object that falls from above, such as shingles from a roof, could cause serious injury to a person standing below.
  • Equipment accidents. There are many types of heavy equipment used on construction sites. The same holds true for power tools. All of these things can cause an accident.
  • Heat stroke. Working in the heat for too many consecutive hours can lead to heat stroke, among a variety of other related illnesses. Workers should feel comfortable taking breaks when necessary.
  • Heavy lifting. Many construction workers lift heavy objects, day in and day out. There’s always a chance that this could cause an injury, such as one to the back or neck.

All construction workers should realize that they could suffer an injury at any point. They should also know what to do if this happens to them.

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If you suffer an injury on the job, stay where you are and wait for help to arrive. Once you receive treatment, you can learn more about your legal rights. For example, you may be able to file a third party claim with the hope of receiving compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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