Cold winter weather brings increased risk of a slip-and-fall

Cold winter weather brings increased risk of a slip-and-fall

Cold winter weather brings increased risk of a slip-and-fall

Contrary to what you’ve seen in comedies or on sitcom television shows and cartoons, slipping and falling can be quite a serious issue. Although some people may walk away with nothing more than a bruised bottom, other people are not so lucky. In some cases, in fact, the injuries associated with a slip-and-fall incident can prove permanently debilitating or even fatal.

Winter weather conditions increase the potential risk for a slip-and-fall, although this kind of accident can happen any time of the year. Snow and ice can make sidewalks and parking lots incredibly dangerous. Snow melt can also result in wet surfaces inside businesses. Unless employees are diligent about keeping floors dry and safe, anyone who visits in the winter could end up getting seriously hurt.

Slip-and-fall accidents cause all kinds of injuries

When you suddenly slip and fall, you can hurt more than just your pride. In fact, you could easily break a bone if you strike a limb on fixtures or furniture, or if you try to catch yourself as you fall. You can also easily hit your head, resulting in a concussion or a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). In some cases, spinal cord injuries to the back and neck are possible.

Every year, more than a million people head to the emergency room to seek treatment after a serious slip-and-fall incident. While you may want to simply move on with your day, if you feel sore or hit your head, you should definitely seek medical evaluation after your fall.

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Always report a slip-and-fall to management when it happens

Even if you think you aren’t really hurt, you need to take steps to protect yourself. Between the pain-eliminating rush of adrenaline that may have hit you when you fell and the delayed onset of symptoms with conditions like TBIs, you should never assume the best after a slip.

Instead, take the time to advise management of what happened. Be sure to note in your report what caused the slip, such as standing liquid on the floor or ice in the parking lot. If you recover without incident, you have nothing to worry about. If you develop serious symptoms later, however, that report can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Businesses have insurance for premises liability

Any business that is open to the public generally carries a premises liability policy to protect against financial liability from all kinds of injuries, including slip-and-fall accidents. It is the obligation of businesses and property owners to maintain safe facilities for the public.

Failing to do so puts patrons and others at risk of serious losses, including medical expenses, lost wages and more. Those who end up hurt as a result of a company’s inability or unwillingness to maintain safe facilities shouldn’t endure financial hardship as a result.

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