New York Drug Crime Lawyer

Law enforcement officers and state prosecutors in New York work hard to secure convictions in drug cases. The sale, manufacture, and possession of certain substances are illegal in New York state. Many of these substances are illegal under federal law, as well. When you’re facing drug charges, you need an experienced New York drug crime lawyer who will work tirelessly to secure a positive outcome for you. Schedule a free consultation with Michaelangelo Matera of the Matera Law Firm and let his 25+ years of experience work to protect you.


When you’re facing drug charges, it is essential that you get an attorney involved right away. An experienced New York drug crime lawyer is going to be able to look at the evidence that the district attorney’s office has with a more experienced eye than the average citizen is going to be able to do. Here at our firm, we’re able to look at the drugs, look at the laboratory report that the prosecution will provide to determine if you’ve actually even been charged with the right charge from the beginning.

A lot of times the charges are based on the weight of the controlled substance, which when they determine how much of the substance is actually a controlled substance, the weight we have been able to successfully argue is able to be brought down, resulting in a lesser felony offense.

When people are facing difficult legal situations what matters is results. New York drug crime lawyer Michaelangelo Matera has over 25 years of experience helping people when they need it most. That commitment has allowed our firm to generate a record of success and positive results for our clients against drug charges in New York.

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