Winter Accidents: Get Full Justice

Winter Accidents Get Full Justice NY Injury Lawyer Free Consultation

With the freezing temperatures of the harshest season, there come hazards. Roads and walkways become dangerous. When people do not tend to their driveways, sidewalks, and porches, winter accidents are waiting to happen. When people do not adjust their driving for the weather, the chances of a crash are imminent.

If you want help getting justice after being seriously hurt in an accident, please call our Nassau County injury lawyer right away to set up a free consultation.

Types of Winter Accidents

Did you know that most fatal car accidents happen during snowy weather? Up to 70% of fatal accidents are winter weather-related. When winter weather hits, driving becomes hazardous.

Too many people do not take extra precautions when driving in winter. You end up with a lot more winter accidents because of that. Whether it is keeping up with the maintenance of their car, adjusting their speed for possibly icy roads, or driving without totally clearing off the ice from their car, these drivers can become liable for accidents they cause.

Another common type of accident we see happen a lot in the winter is slip and fall. Stores, businesses, and homeowners neglect to take care of their property which can result in slippery conditions. These winter accidents are completely avoidable if property owners were not negligent.

We also handle a fair amount of pedestrian accidents in the winter. Drivers often do not give themselves enough time to stop and end up injuring pedestrians. Other times, snowy conditions make pedestrians harder to see and drivers do not have the visibility they need to stop the accident.

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If any of these winter accidents have left you with a serious injury, please give us a call right away. We want to help you through this and give you justice.

What Can You Get Justice For?

When you are seeking justice for winter accidents, we need to take a look at two types of damages. This is going to categorize as economic damages and non-economic damages.

Damages that are considered economic are going to be the ones that we can add up on a calculator, generally speaking. They include all of your medical bills, lost wages, and possibly travel expenses. If you have spent or lost money because of your accident, you are entitled to compensation for it.

Your non-economic damages are a bit more complicated. They cannot necessarily be punched into a calculator. You are entitled to emotional damages, pain and suffering, and a loss of life quality. When you have been negatively impacted by your accident, you deserve compensation for that.

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Whether you were in a slip and fall, pedestrian accident, or car crash, we want to hear from you. Our Nassau County injury lawyer has been representing clients for winter accidents for many years. You deserve full justice, and we know how to get that for you. Call the office right away to request a free consultation to get started.


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