Examining the high cost of a DWI

Examining the high cost of a DWI

Experienced Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney Examines The High Cost of a DWI

As someone facing a driving while intoxicated charge in New York, you may have valid fears about the criminal penalties and financial repercussions you may face if convicted. Unfortunately, the penalties, financial and otherwise, associated with such a conviction are substantial, and they may have a serious and significant impact on your life.

According to BACtrack, the average first-time New York DWI offender winds up paying, at minimum, about $9,500 after a conviction for drunk driving. What expenses should you expect if convicted of DWI in New York, and how does the cost of a New York DWI compare against national averages?

DWI-related expenses

The costs associated with a New York DWI arrest and conviction add up fast. First, you need to factor in costs associated with the arrest, itself. Such expenses might include bail, jail fees, car-towing fees and impound fees, among others.

Then, you must finance court-related expenses, which might include your defense, court fees and sentencing fees, among others. Depending on the details of your penalties, you may also have to pay for substance abuse treatment, ignition interlock device installment and monitoring, and probation supervision.

Other expenses

Your wallet may continue to take a hit even once you get your driving privileges reinstated. Plan on having to pay a license reinstatement fee before you start driving again. You should also count on paying a good bit more for car insurance for the next few years than you did before your conviction. Once insurance providers see the DWI in your driving history, they often consider you more of a liability and charge you as such. Depending on circumstances, you may also have to pay community service supervision fees or chemical testing fees.

National numbers

Nationally, most first-time drunk driving offenders end up paying a total of somewhere between $13,000 and $27,000 as a result of their DWI convictions once all associated costs factor in.

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