Finding the Right Long Island DWI Attorney

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Finding the Right Long Island DWI Attorney

A DWI is a serious offense that could affect your future and your career. This charge is not something that should be taken lightly and that’s why it’s important to find the right Long Island DWI attorney for your case. Having an attorney with you may be the very reason your driver’s license doesn’t get suspended. DWIs are a big issue throughout the county, in fact, in 2019 alone, more than 1 million drivers were arrested for DWIs. Many of which went unrepresented and unfortunately had harder outcomes than those who were represented.

Having Someone in Your Corner

A DWI can be stressful enough to deal with but add on everything you have going in life, and it can be downright overwhelming. Having an attorney in your corner can help relieve some of that stress and burden that’s been placed on you. You want to find a Long Island DWI attorney who is experienced who really cares about the outcome of your case. Someone that doesn’t take the charges lightly, because they can truly have a huge impact on your future life.

A DWI charge doesn’t mean you’ll automatically lose your license. In fact, there are a few different options when it comes to DWI’s. Having a Long Island DWI attorney can help to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. Additionally, they may be able to recommend a rehabilitation program in lieu of prison time.

If you have an attorney fighting for you, there is a better possibility that your sentence will be minimized or even dropped altogether.

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Find One That Will Fight for You

Finding the right Long Island DWI attorney can be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to start. Many attorneys will offer free consultations, allowing you to tell them more about your case and get to know you as a person. This allows them to go over what options you may have available and a potential outcome for your charges.

To find the right attorney, you may want to ask yourself a few questions.

1.     What experience do they have and how successful are they?

The success rate of an attorney is important, especially in a DWI case. You will want to try to find out first how long they have been practicing, and what their success rate is for cases like yours. It’s acceptable to ask this question to your Long Island DWI attorney during your consultation. You will also want to ask them, the number of cases like yours they have defended in the past.

If they’ve only handled a few or have less than a year of experience under their belt, you may want to look elsewhere. This is not someone you would want to risk your future on.

2.     What kind of strategy do they have?

After you have discussed the details of your case with an experienced Long Island DWI attorney, they should be able to provide you some options on how you should proceed. If they are prepared and have experience with cases like yours in the past, they will have a better understanding of how the courts work and the laws surrounding DWIs.

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Before they can provide you with options and help you best, you should be prepared. Gather up the following before you even meet with an attorney:

  • Police report
  • Court documents
  • Paperwork received from the police and courts
  • List of witnesses to your DWI

These items will help them to best prepare for how they are able to help you. Once you have made a shortlist of those best suited to represent you, it’s time to narrow down the choices to only one. Remember, experience outweighs them all.

Michaelangelo Matera of the Matera Law Firm is an experienced Long Island DWI attorney. At our firm, we offer free consultations and charge absolutely no fees unless we recover compensation on your behalf (on personal injury cases).

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