How Do Youthful Offenders Get Treated?

How Do Youthful Offenders Get Treated?

Young people make poor choices. Sometimes that poor choice is a friend or a significant other. Other times it is less innocuous. When a young person commits a crime, they are sometimes treated as adults in the criminal justice system. If your child has committed a crime, you may be terrified for their future. You do not want their whole life to be ruined because of a mistake they have made. The court system in New York State does give teens a chance to go on with their life after receiving punishment for their crimes without them having a criminal record or becoming a felon. They have the status of youthful offenders. Please keep reading to learn more then call our office to set up a consultation.

Who Gets Considered Youthful Offenders?

To first understand the penalties that a youthful offender might face, it is important to figure out if your child fits the requirements to be considered a youthful offender. According to NY Courts, the age of the accused child must be between 14-19 years old. At sentencing, the judge will be able to give your child the status of a youthful offender. Otherwise, they would be able to be charged as an adult.

Your child must also be clear of any prior convictions for a felony. They cannot have gone through the system as a youthful offender before either so else they will be treated as an adult. The reason why they cannot have had a felony or have already been treated as a youthful offender is that this is a program meant to give children another second, not a third or fourth chance to reenter society without a record.

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If they fit the requirements, then you should immediately reach out to our Long Island criminal lawyer to set up a consultation.

What Will Happen to My Child?

We understand the horror of wondering what is going to happen to your child if they have been charged with a crime, especially if this is a felony crime. If your child receives the benefits that youthful offenders get, they will not end up with a criminal record for whatever crime they have been charged with. When everything is said and done, this whole incident gets sealed and they will never have to tell a college, employer, or anyone that they have been convicted of a crime, even if it was a felony. They could go on to have a job in a public office if they wanted to. There is a maximum jail time for youthful offenders. Your child will not spend longer than four years in jail.

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If you are concerned about the future of your child and you do not want their future marred by a mistake that they have made, please give our office a call right away. We can get you set up with a consultation where you can sit down with a skilled and trained lawyer to talk about the charges against your child and how we can help. Don’t wait to call, reach out to us today.

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