5 Reasons You Should Get a Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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5 Reasons You Should Get a Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you find yourself the victim of a motorcycle accident, you can make a claim for compensation on the other party. Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be detrimental to your quality of life, especially with the severity of your injuries. Loss of pay from lost time at work is only one way an accident affects you. Don’t settle for struggling during this time, talk to a Long Island motorcycle accident lawyer to learn what rights you have as the victim. If you are unsure about taking the steps to get compensation for your injuries, let’s look at a few reasons why you should.

Interstates and highways are typically the locations for many motorcycle accidents to occur. This is because cars frequently change lanes rather quickly without noticing if a motorcycle is close by. A study of all motorcycle crashes from the American Motorcycle Association has found that upwards of 59% of accidents happen in heavy traffic

Protection of Legal Rights After an Accident by Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

New York Law for motorcyclists, prohibits riders from getting the compensation of benefits under their no-fault insurance law. Instead, they must go for a legal claim of liability against another party that may have caused their accident. A Long Island motorcycle accident lawyer can help you navigate the laws in the state of New York when it pertains to motorcycles, as well as file any insurance claims necessary. In doing so they can help to protect all legal rights you have after an accident has occurred.

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Establishing Who is Liable for Your Injuries

They can use any evidence that was gathered through an investigation that was conducted for your collision to determine who is liable or at fault. To secure a settlement for a motorcycle accident, your lawyer needs to prove liability and determine who’s at fault. Proving who is at fault and who is in turn liable for your injuries requires a set of evidence which includes:

  • Breach of Duty: this is when the defendant did not act in a manner to keep those around them reasonably safe.
  • Duty of Care: the defendant has an obligation to act in a manner that doesn’t put themselves and others at harm.
  • Causation: their breach of duty has led to the accident, and there were serious injuries sustained.
  • Damages: you may have suffered damages such as financial, emotional, and even physical because of the motorcycle accident.

Speak to Other Parties on Your Behalf

A lawyer can speak to the other party and their insurance company on your behalf. This is a great help because anything you say may get misinterpreted and turned around and used to deny their liability in your case. To help protect your case, your lawyer can take over the communications which include negotiations and even your court appearances.

Put Evidence Together for a Claim

Having a Long Island Motorcycle Accident lawyer can help provide you with a well-supported case to prove liability on the other party’s part. Some evidence used to establish liability may include:

  • Accident report
  • Medical records
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Photographs or videos
  • Expert opinion or witnesses
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Determine the Value of Your Damages by Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A lawyer may be able to provide you with additional compensation, which you will have the right to pursue. Some of these compensations for damages include:

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