Benefits of Having Long Island Slip and Fall Lawyers

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Benefits of Having Long Island Slip and Fall Lawyers

Many people are under the impression when they fall or suffer an injury, they have a personal injury claim automatically in the bag. Unfortunately, that is not the case, unless you have proof that the owner of the property was negligent. Unintentional falls account for 19,565 deaths every year in the United States. It is also estimated that 20% to 30% of people that experience a fall will suffer severe injuries from the fall.  The Long Island slip and fall lawyers can evaluate the circumstances that surround your falling incident and determine whether your claim has merit.

Evidence of Negligence

For your case to be taken seriously and stand a chance, there must be evidence of negligence. Property owners are required to maintain their property to ensure the safety of others. Slip and fall accidents may occur to a variety of hazards and conditions which may include:

A slip and fall case can be the result of any condition that is deemed dangerous. Whether it is at a private residence or a public location. Guests in public places all expect conditions to be safe when they visit these locations. When the owners of these properties fail to live up to this responsibility, this is when fall victims may want to talk to some Long Islands slip and fall lawyers.

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Liability of the Property Owners as discussed by Long Island Slip and Fall Lawyers

There is a variety of reasons and factors that have an impact on if property owners will end up liable for any slip and fall that occurs on their property. One of the biggest factors is if they knew or had reasonable ability to know about whatever danger or hazard there was that caused the injury. If they were aware of the hazard, a lawyer can then investigate to see how long they’ve known about it and did nothing to rectify it.

Other factors may include whether they took any steps to warn those around them about the hazard. This could be posting signs or issuing a verbal warning to those who pass this danger. Another factor that a lawyer can investigate is whether the owner caused the hazard. Owners have a responsibility to not create any dangerous conditions where they know people will be present. Therefore, it is their responsibility to ensure they foster safe conditions.

What Does Responsibility Mean

It’s important to note the difference when it comes to a slip and fall case about responsibility vs liability. The property owner may be responsible for any injuries that happen on their land, but they are not always liable to pay for any expenses related to the injury. Having Long Island slip and fall lawyers with you can help to fight back when the property owner claims you were responsible for your role in the fall. If it is found that the victim was at fault even partially, the jury must reduce the award the victim may end up getting for their injuries.

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If you end up slipping and falling on a property that belongs to someone else and ends up with severe injuries as a result that require medical care, you may be entitled to money for these injuries. An experienced New York personal injury attorney can help assess the situation and facts which surround the circumstances of the fall and accident.

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