Construction workers face risks caused by employer choices

Construction workers face risks caused by employer choices

Construction workers face risks caused by employer choices

Certain risks are inherent in construction work jobs. Many times, especially in New York, this kind of work involves heights, supplies and machinery moving rapidly at great heights and electricity.

The potential for severe accidents exists around every proverbial corner on the job site, leaving workers at constant risk for an injury that could leave them unable to work or even dead. A recent accident in New York City highlights the risk construction workers face on the job each day.

Tragic glass pane accident injures one and kills another

Construction at a site in midtown New York City had to stop recently after a pane of glass came loose and fell with horrific results. The building in question could become the second tallest skyscraper in the United States at the end of construction in 2020. However, that additional height means increased risk for the workers making this massive building a reality.

On Saturday, May 26, 2018, in the morning, a large glass panel that was about 14 feet by 8 feet toppled from its location, crushing a security guard and injuring another work. The 67-year-old male security guard was unconscious by the time that emergency responders arrived. The 27-year-old worker suffered injuries in his attempt to help the security guard.

The property owners received a citation related to this accident, and they could face additional consequences as the investigation into the accident continues. The shutdown could impact the completion date for the project.

Employers who cut corners endanger workers

Construction is often a very competitive field. Companies may feel the need to place bids that are quite low in order to secure new work and new contracts.

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The issue with low bids is that they can lead to corner cutting in areas that are critical to job safety, including equipment, safety training and machinery maintenance. Workers can end up paying the price when construction companies try to secure new clients by making low bids at the cost of adequate safety practices.

Cutting corners can lead to employee claims

In general, injured workers in New York have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim. This insurance will provide coverage for medical expenses, lost wages and even retraining for a new job if the injury creates a permanent disability. Surviving spouses of workers who die as the result of a workplace injury or illness may also receive death benefits that cover funeral expenses, medical costs and lost wages.

In cases where employer negligence contributed to an accident, there may also be a case for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit after a construction accident. If the injuries were the result of a dearth of safety training, a lack of safety equipment or inadequate safety practices on the job site, employers may end up directly responsible for the financial losses of their workers who get injured.

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