Do I Need An Attorney for an Arraignment?

Technically speaking, you don’t need an attorney for an arraignment. However, the better way to do things is absolutely to have an attorney for many reasons. First and foremost, there’s going to be a discussion as to whether or not bail should be set. If you are not in a position to properly know how to argue against any bail being sought by the prosecution, then you’re putting yourself in a bad situation.


Also, one of the things that we like to tell the judges when we’re appearing for a client at an arraignment is that the fact that a client has hired us to come into court is a clear indication that they’re not a flight risk as most individuals are not going to hire an attorney, only to then not return to court.

This sort of argument is very powerful in front of judges. And although it doesn’t necessarily win the day, every time the right attorney is going to know how to add to that argument and give the judge multiple additional reasons why bail is not appropriate or if it is a much lesser bail then the prosecution is asking for is appropriate.

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