What Is an Arraignment?

If you are arrested in New York and receive a notice of arraignment, having an attorney with you during the process can significantly impact the conditions of release the court imposes on you. Watch this video by dedicated Long Island criminal defense attorney Michaelangelo Matera to find out what you need to know about the arraignment process. If you are in need of experienced counsel to


An arraignment is typically the first time that an individual in a criminal case will see a judge. What’s going to happen is after an arrest or during your first appearance, if you’ve received an appearance ticket, you’re going to see a judge and you’re going to enter your plea of guilty or not guilty. Typically, that’s going to be the entering of a plea of not guilty. At that point in time, the district attorney’s office will have an opportunity to be heard as to whether or not they’re seeking any kind of bail. In New York under the current law, although many offenses no longer qualify for bail, many still do.

It will be our job if the district attorney’s office is asking for any kind of bail to fight against that bail and to give reasonable assurance to the judge as to why we believe you’re going to return to court, therefore obviating the need for any kind of bail to be set at the arraignment.

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