Winter weather is particularly dangerous for construction workers

Winter weather is particularly dangerous for construction workers

Winter weather is particularly dangerous for construction workers

New York is known for its grit and fast-paced business community. While the blustery winters common in New England might inspire some to stay inside, construction workers often find themselves at work during even the worst weather conditions.

Construction companies and the people hoping to inhabit new buildings or remodeled existing structures do not have the patience to wait for spring to resume work on the buildings.

Construction workers in New York are often more than happy to step up and do difficult work even in the bitter cold of the winter, because they are a dedicated and hard-working group. Unfortunately, working during the winter months increases the risks construction workers assume as a part of their profession.

Snow, ice and wind can increase the risk of a fall

Frozen precipitation is incredibly slick and dangerous. When it builds up on a construction site, it can make it very difficult for workers to perform their jobs safely at high elevations.

Icy, biting winds can also create risk for workers. During precipitation, winds may cause white-outs that prevent workers from seeing their surroundings clearly. Even if there isn’t snow coming down, high winds can combine with slippery surfaces to create a dangerous situation for workers.

De-icing technology, specialized clothing, proper safety training and safety harnesses can all reduce the risk of a fall. However, no amount of safety precautions can completely negate the risk that winter weather creates. In addition to falls, workers are at risk for exposure-related injuries, such as frostbite, if they work outside for long periods in the cold.

New York workers’ compensation protects workers hurt on the job

Workers’ compensation protects people of all backgrounds who work in different professions in careers. After all, even the most benign and sedentary job can still result in injuries or illness. Jobs like construction carry an inherent risk that workers’ compensation insurance helps to offset.

No one should have to worry about whether they can obtain the medical care they need or continue to provide for their families because they got hurt on the job. For workers hurt on the job due to inclement weather or the standard risks of the job, workers’ compensation insurance provide a safety net.

Specifically, it will cover 100 percent of all related medical costs. Unlike health insurance, which often has copays and deductibles, workers’ compensation insurance does not require that injured workers pay anything for the care that they received.

Workers’ compensation can also help replace lost wages through temporary disability insurance. Those who work in construction in New York should take extra care to ensure they stay safe in the winter. If they do end up hurt, they should take action right away to connect with the benefits they deserve.

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